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Firstly, thank you for considering working as a volunteer at the Hogar Miguel Magone.

You will be working with boys and girls who have been through some serious difficulties during their short lives. They lack both love and material luxuries and will need attention and hugs from you. We recommend that you stay a minimum of two weeks.

As a volunteer you will be expected to help with the day-to-day running of the home. Breakfast will be prepared by you and maybe a teacher around 5am. You will then usually follow one of the teachers to the school in Satellite. It’s about 25 minutes from the Hogar and quite a steep walk (downhill going there and uphill coming back).

When you get back there is always other work to undertake, for example helping to prepare the lunch or looking after the children who go to school later in the afternoon. Many children need help with homework and like to learn English. Children usually go to bed around 8pm.

Volunteers will be expected to cover costs during their whole stay.
$15 per day will cover electricity, food, the use of internet, local phone calls and water. Additional donations are of course very welcome and usually brought and raised before coming to visit. The money will be used for the general running of the home and receipts can be given if needed. It is also possible to discuss with Karen about a specific project to support, for example paying for school books, the Bakers salary or other constant improvements that are being made.

Before being accepted to volunteer at the Hogar Miguel Magone, potential volunteers will need to send the following information:

• What you expect from your stay at the Hogar
• What skills and other useful things you may bring
• Previous, relevant experience including your level of Spanish
• Reasons why you would like to come
• CV and photo

You will benefit more from your stay if you have basic Spanish knowledge! Full details about volunteering can be found here.

Previous volunteers comments
Tom Robinson (England): Having never worked with children before I was a little apprehensive, but I really enjoyed myself. The children are great fun and very welcoming - I was sad to say goodbye. Plus, with all the rice and beans I lost weight! 

Verity Carberry (England): The days are long (starting at 5.30am on school days), but it has been very rewarding being able to give the children some adult company and attention, which they both want and need. The children are so welcoming and grateful to have volunteers around to play with, help with homework and practice their English. If you do come to the Hogar I recommend bringing materials with you for activities (going into town requires a taxi). Brush up on your Spanish and be prepared for plenty of cuddles and attention.

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