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Whether its clothes for the children or a cash donation towards one of our ongoing projects,
we are always extremely grateful to receive donations at Hogar Miguel Magone.

Cash donations
It is possible to send a cash donation, if you would like to do this please get in contact with us. Here is an example of what your donation will provide:

US$40 One day’s breakfast for all the children
US$50 One month’s medicine for two epileptic children
US$100 One day of food (breakfast, lunch & dinner) for all the children
US$100 School uniform, white shirt, black shoes, grey pants
US$150 One month’s salary for a carpentry teacher (two days a week)
US$200 50lbs of milk, equating to 10 days worth of breakfast
US$350 One month’s salary for a teacher
US$500 One month’s water supply for the Hogar
US$950 Meat for one month’s worth of meals


We are continuously trying to improve things for the children here at the Hogar. Here are a few examples of projects recently completed by volunteer groups:

water filter

Water filter system: This essential piece of equipment, donated and installed by Living Waters from the USA provides safe water to all the children for drinking and food preparation.

mini bus

Mini bus: Donated to us by an Austrian group called Theater Ensemble 365. The mini bus is used every day to take children to and from school and collect supplies for the Hogar.

clothes line

Washing lines: Possibly the longest in Guatemala. These simple but essential devices enable us to cope with the demand of all the children’s washing. Donated to us by Orphan Resources.


Chapel: The Chapel was built in 2007 and helps create a community within the Hogar. Thank you to Mission Team directed by Shawn Smith, Our Lady of Sorrows, Diane Springer from Orphan's Hope Project, Inc. & Orphan Resources.


Wish list
Below is a list of projects that we would really like to see happen. If you think you can help, please get in contact.

Water bore-hole: A project that would save us money in the long term and provide a constant water supply for the growing number of children.

Girl’s house: We would like to build a separate house for the girls, enabling them to have their own separate environment to live in.

Skills equipment: As the children get older, we try to teach them skills that will enable them to find a job in later life. For example welding, screen printing & carpentry. If you would like to donate any equipment, please get in contact!


Second hand
It is possible to send items to the Hogar through the post. You can find our address on the contact page. Here’s an example of things we need:

• Shoes for children aged three to sixteen
• School bags
• School supplies
• Art material
• Educational toys
• Baby’s clothes

Without sounding ungrateful, here is a list of things we do not need – you’d be surprised what we sometimes get sent:

• Damaged clothes or shoes
• Incomplete puzzles or toys
• Battery operated toys


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-Hogar de los Niños, Miguel Magone, 21 Ave 12-85, Aldea El Aguacate Z.9, Guatemala, Central America.
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